my own label

This is a proud moment, I’m taking my ‘reusing the blues’ to another level. I have designed and printed my own label.

Untitled-1first attempt

After resizing the text and background I came to my last try, I won’t say final as I know I would like to improve it slightly. It has just come to the end of the day and wanted to have something.

IMG_2428This is after I ironed my design onto my fabric.

I thought I had got to the end after all my redesigning. Can you guess were I went wrong? Look closely. As you can see I forgot to reverse my image so when it was printed it came out the right way! Haha. Just wanted to share that mistake so maybe it will help someone else avoid making the same.

label 3 reverseI reversed the image on photoshop.

IMG_2429 Finally!

This was made possible because I used t-shirt printing paper from the pound shop. Just a paper with glue spread on it that you photocopy onto. The colours dull but the image is still there and it has saved me a lot of money as a starting point.

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