I Made It To The End

I can’t say anymore than what a fitting end to a life changing journey I have been on for the last four years. From the first year doing my foundation course, to the next three years, working hard getting at my BA in Textile Art, Design and Fashion.

The graduation ceromony was a great day and I wish it could have gone on for longer, I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time. Through all the congratulations since, I have been thankful and can only say, in reply “I made it to the end.”


IMG_2482         IMG_2471

IMG_2468      IMG_2472

IMG_2478      IMG_2483


It was a special day with my daughter Alana, dad Brian and best friend Trish. Unfortunately my mum couldn’t make it as she was in hospital with a fracture pelvis and my son wasn’t feeling well himself so couldn’t be there also. But was so glad for the support not just for the day but through out the past years.

It was a long journey but went in really fast. That’s why I’m glad I made it to the end because I found it hard to keep up sometimes. The experience hasn’t changed me as a person but what it has done it has got me to think more. You’ll always be who you are, I’m still the emotional one who cries at a sad movie, it’s the maturity I believe in which I handle a situation that has improved. Before, were I let my self doubt control my emotions, I now take my self doubt and say were do I go from here.

This is only the beginning of the next stage, I have given myself two years to establish myself as a Textile Artist. I have a few things In the pipe line. The next is the BA Bursary  with the


which is being held at the


at the NEC Birmingham. Boat and hotel booked, just sorting out the final details and then of I go with my quilted wonder woman costume below.


I’m helping


with their costumes for Les Miserables performance in August. That will be a great experience to be part of a very talented team.

And last but not least I’m going to be selling at another craft fair.
Saturday, August 15 at 11:00am
Fortwilliam and Macrory Presbyterian Church in Belfast, United Kingdom


This one is special as I will have a demonstration table as well as a selling table so anyone wanting to be involved watch out for future details.

There are other possible ventures I’m looking into as well so still very busy as well as working at my part time job that pays the bills. I have to have that guarantee income for a while yet.

All I can say to anyone who is thinking about doing something like I did, go for it! I know there were cuts to student grants in the budget recently but they are always doing that. And believe me I haven’t stopped and thought about my repayments yet because I know when the time comes, and only when I’m earning enough will I have to pay it back. I can’t wait to the day I’m earning enough.

But what a journey!

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