It’s competition time


          IMG_2572         IMG_2573

It has been a brilliant experience to get this far and exhibit in such a big event. A clear way to be able to express myself and tell people what I have achieved and what I hope to go onto do next. The topic of my ‘wonder woman’ costume has brought a few people to open up to me which is great because they get where I’m coming from. However I believe even those who don’t get the reality behind my work do still react with a smile from the casts of my breasts, bum and side on the wall. And that is a joy. It’s lovely to see a smile!

I may not have won but I am inspired to keep trying and putting into action the idea I had for my next piece of quilted textile art.

So what have I been telling people I would like to do next. Well the plan is to give myself two years and in that time I will be trying to establish myself as a textile artist as well as trying to gain experience with costume design. Mean while I’m continuing to work in Marks and Spencer’s and work on making my stock for to sell. The BA bursary competition is over now so I’m onto my next stage of my plan. The most important thing to do is keep moving forward. I’m hoping to set up a web page so I’m able to sell online better and keep up with the costume design experience. The next quilted project I will post that later.

The main feature image is a photo taken of my quilted ‘wonder woman’ costume before I distorted it and cut the pattern.

 IMG_2576 IMG_2577

There have been a few exhibits I have got to see, so far. The one I got excited about was ‘Quilt Art’.During my second semester, final year I continued to look up there site and have a lot of it on my pinterest. Nice to see in real life.

IMG_2591 IMG_2592

IMG_2593  IMG_2594




Enjoyed Linda Barlow’s quilted topics. A perspective of her life as a woman. Liked the way the public could write post-it comments at the end.

IMG_2578 IMG_2579

The beautiful piece that we have seen for a while as it has been used for the backdrop to the “Festival of Quilts’ 2015.

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