Make ‘n’ Take demonstration

August has certainly been a busy month for me. My exhibit at the NEC Birmingham, ‘Festival of Quilts’, having pasted, my Make ‘n’ Take demonstration just finished and now ending of the month helping with the costumes for Ravara Productions school edition of Les Miserables. As well as working at Marks and Spencers I’m certainly looking forward to my two weeks of in September. However I have loved all that I have done and now it is coming to an end I’m looking for my next project. It has kept me sane keeping busy and allowed me to focus on how I want to develop my career.

Instructions for making an embroidered cushion

Click the title above and you can download the instructions for my ‘make ‘n’ take’ demonstration.


There was room for three people and it was great to see other peoples interruptions of the technique I was demonstrating. I hope to be doing another one in October. It was good fun.


The day of setting up we had to buy these work vests as the area was called a work site. Health and Safety and all. Anyway this was an anxious time as we were being judged the same day, so when you arrive you get to meet the other competition entries and you find out if your display fits into the space given.

11874076_936113926431868_974087803_n  11872916_936113916431869_726261783_n  11872882_936113939765200_2102738952_n


Me pointing out my gallery name, BA Bursary, on the information board.

11873977_936113953098532_1955794497_n 11857731_936113936431867_1018340932_n



Zandra Rhodes was lovely to meet. She hasn’t changed a bit.  The outfits I’m standing beside are from her 1971 collection. The year I was born so I had to get my picture with them.

11855362_936113949765199_520509212_n  11872711_936113959765198_2039455192_n

These are pieces from her new collection and will be showing at London’s fashion week in September.

11880507_936113973098530_772062978_n   11874074_936113913098536_890803766_n  11854032_936113906431870_1010774853_n


Her work used in patchwork.

I have posted before what I would like to concentrate on over the next two years. Already I’m learning that sometimes your plans don’t always go the way you want but never give up on your dreams, were one door closes create another way in. A straight path never seems to be my way so I’m always having to find other routes to get to my goals and that may be because I didn’t get the right grade or show enough confidence. I will never give up, it’s what’s keeping me alive inside. I enjoy creating so much.

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