Innovation of my work

I recently took part in

A free and helpful two year programme run by the Craft NI to support new or established craft people who need help with their business. Although we would like to think we do it for our passion of creating, there are those of us who need to make an income from our craft and this is were Craft NI fully understands this.

The first class was the introduction and the second was “innovation in design”. This is something I have been doing for the last two years.




This is a design I came up with after a kind Uni friend Terri McStraw gave me some of-cuts of linen, having already dyed some calico, I dyed this as well. Just using a simple “Dylon” washing machine dye, i got great results. The piece is slightly quilted with top stitching technique.






DSCI0815 copy 2

This is a piece of quilting I had done in first year using my own photo. I always liked the colours I could get so I am trying it again and making them into cushions.




I like the way I get a 3D effect from sewing just certain areas. I will be using denim for the backs as usual and hopefully they will be ready to sell at my next craft fair at the

on the 10th October.

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