new year, new look

With 2016 it’s an opportunity to carry on with my beloved, sustainable venture “reusing the blues” developing my design in quilting and denim. I’m working on a new bag design at the moment hoping always to improve the quality of the little things like attachments to give it more of a professional look. “Reusing the Blues” will be selling at The Docks Market in the Titanic quarters on the:

13th February

12th March

9th April

14th May

11th June

Old favourites like the wrist pouches and photo printed pillows will be available as well. There will be new designs with the introduction of recycled leather, thanks to a friend who donated an old leather coat. I’m accepting  old leather now as well as old denim.


I enjoy sewing back and forward to replicate my own technique when I’m drawing on paper. My mark making is sketchy which allows me to  transfer any feelings that I want to express in my work. It’s a way explain sadness, happiness, anger in a concept that I want to develope. Then through the quilting I get extra texture and form. Past quilting I used coloured thread as a feature. This time my thread is going to blend in with the denim and the texture from the quilting is going to be the feature.

IMG_3144 2

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