new designs

It has been a while since I last posted anything other than my CV. My post in January I talked about a new year, new look. And I listed dates when I would be attending The Docks Market to sell my bags and cushions. Well it certainly has been a new year as well as a new look. Unfortunately I didn’t make all the dates listed, today being my last date booked. As well as being busy making new items, I have had the great oppurtunity to work at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast, in the wardrobe department. Helping with anything I can help with and loving it.

Regarding the fairs they weren’t successful for me, but I’m still selling my products. You can contact me at for any orders or message me on my Facebook page.



Both bags are made from recycled denim jeans with belts for handles, that are attached by rivets. Lined with orange dyed linen and a single pocket inside, so small items would be easy to find, I am selling them for £25.00 each.

IMG_3181  IMG_3184

I still make my wrist pouches. This is a fold over design made from woven recycled denim jeans. Lined with dyed orange linen I sell them for £9.00 each. I use my wrist pouch for yoga at I can go to my class and things like money, cards, keys, shopping bag are close by me, instead of leaving my large bag in the cloak room or in the car.

It’s always a joy to get creative and continue being so.







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