Quilted Bomber

Bomber jackets are very much in fashion at the moment and I love them. The problem with seeing new styles is that I don’t want to rush out and buy them I want to rush out and make them. So with what resources I had and what designs I like to incorporate I set about giving myself a project of making a bomber jacket with my twist on it.

Well the first and foremost is the recycled denim that has to be used in the design but I can’t make it all out of it, so I came across a pattern that had large pockets. This way I could use my recycled denim jeans, quilting and distortion as my feature. The rest of the bomber jacket was made from denim from the roll that was kindly given to me.


The pattern is American fitting, which just means you have to make sure you measure yourself to get the correct pattern size. The recommended fabric is jersey and isn’t lined.

img_1282       img_1374

So I started with the pockets. At first I was going to make a large piece of quilted fabric and cut out my pattern pocket pieces but because of the quilting I couldn’t finish the edges properly. There was too much fabric to fold over to hem. So I cut my denim jean pieces first then quilted, making sure to leave room around the sides.


With my distortion I layered my quilting with a thin fabric that I would want to be seen when I sand papered my denim.

So it all came together.

I wanted it lined so made extra pattern pieces to line the front and back of the jacket as denim to make it look smart inside. I don’t have an overlocker to really get a neat finish on my seam allowances so they would, from wear, start to fray badly.


After the pockets were attached the front and back were sewn together and then the sleeves added. Next the cuffs got attached. This was my first time working with jersey for  cuffs, a collar and a waistband. Very exciting.


Making sure everything lined up.


Linning went in then finished of with the zip.


Please excuse the non model like photo of me wearing my final garment. I couldn’t wait to put the final result on Facebook. The zip I sewed in by machine on one side but because of the thickness of the pockets I could only top stitch the front down to the top of the pockets, the rest of the zip was attached to inner lining by hand.

I love my bomber jacket. I do notice the flaws like the top of the pockets don’t meet. But as we sew our garments we are faced with challenges and thats half the fun.


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