designing clothing

I have used my recycled denim in making small items like cushions, bags, purses and key rings. Now I have thought how can I use it larger items like a piece of clothing? Well the first thing to do was to design something and see were I could use it. So I designed a top.



Another self project. I wanted to do this to keep myself busy inbetween jobs. Although I work part time in retail it doesn’t keep me creative, were setting myself tasks like these dose.

I was happy with my design so now I was thinking how I was going to make it. I decided to use a lighter colour denim from the roll, that I was kindly given, for the front two pieces and the back and use my recycled denim jeans on the yoke and sleeves as the surface area is smaller. I also wanted to use bias around the neck and across the front for decoration and choose to use jersey again so it would bend easily.

I have made a pattern adapted from another one and made my toile. I have just the sleeve to re make. From my design I didn’t want a dropped shoulder so I cut back on the length. I also have to incorporate a fastener into the back of the neck.


That’s as far as I have got. I have picked my material and bought nice red jersey for the bias binding but other things have come along which means it has to wait. That is what happened with my bomber jacket. I cut out all the fabric pieces and then I went helped out and had to sew it together when I had finished helping there.

It may be the same with my top. I am doing another Make ‘N’ Take craft fair at Bonkers Bettys, Fortwilliam, Belfast, on the 1st of October. And I have started making yoga matt bags as well. As well as working three days on the film production ‘Zoo’, which I’m very excited about. So it’s all go.


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