Selling my old stock for CAUSE

Always at the start of a new year people take it as an opportunity to start new ways, so being no different I’m doing the same with reusing the blues. I have some stock that has been sitting in bags that hasn’t sold and I don’t want to take it to any future craft fairs. I’m  going to try be specific with my brand whilst still using my concept by taking what I have learnt from the last year and a half and putting it into practise.

I thought about just giving away my stock then it quickly came to me to use it to raise what I could to give back to my support group Cause , who has helped and been there for me over the last few years.

Without Cause I would have continued to be lost or on my own. You don’t want to worry your family and friends all the time so getting to a support group once a month allowed me to see I wasn’t the only person who had a family member, with similar mental difficulties yours had. Cause do support careers who look after loved ones with varying mental difficulties. They provided one to one support; asked questions to doctors I didnt know to ask when my son was in hospital; showed us how to have time off with planned events and trainning groups, which helped you get to know yourself again. I have made some good friends who talking to has been a weight of my shoulders as there is no expections. And this as gone a long way in the help with my sons recovery. He’s not fully there yet but I can definitely say that it has been greatly improved due to me, as his career, not stressing as much and learning to be supportive and not judgemental. It’s a process he needs to do for himself no one could do it for him. Use this link to see what Cause is:

So I selling the following items as a start to my New Year and hope it will raise some money for the charity Cause. I will post pictures of the items with no price just a number to say which one you want to buy. There is no paypal with this site but if you know me I will be happy to get it to you and collect your donation. If it needs to be posted please include postage on your cheque, that you can send me, and I will post it to you. Please bare with me to see how this .

img_2009 Number 1 denim leg tote bag

img_2010 Number 2 denim leg tote bag/SOLD

img_2011 Number 3 denim leg tote bag/SOLD

img_2012 Number 4 distressed, quilted shoulder bag.

img_2013 Number 5 distressed, quilted shoulder bag.SOLD

img_2014 Number 6 long, embroidered wrist pouch.

img_2015 Number 7 folded wrist pouch.SOLD

img_2016 Number 8 folded wrist pouch.SOLD

img_2017 Number 9 wide base small bag.

img_2018 Number 10 wide base small bag.

img_2019 Number 11 wide base small bag.

img_2021 Number 12,13 & 14 fun toweling small bags.

img_2026 img_2027

Number 15 small denim quilted cushion

img_2022 img_2025

Number 16 small embroidered denim cushion.

img_2024 img_2025

Number 17 small embroidered, appliqued cushion.

img_2002 img_2006

Number 18 “my shed wall” printed, quilted cushion.

img_2004 img_2003 img_2005

Number 19 & number 20 large linen, picture printed and quilted cushions.img_2007 img_2008

Number 21 large, twisted denim cushion.

img_2033 img_2034

Number 22 larger, quilted ipad cover.

img_2031 img_2032

Number 23 small woven denim ipad cover.

img_2030 Number 24 small denim wrist pouch.



Number 25, 26 & 27 own design quilted christmas decorations. (Sorry the images are upside down couldn’t get them turned round on my ipad)

That’s everything, so don’t be shy, tell me what you would like and how much you want to pay for it. As I know from myself and definietly from my fellow Cause members we would be lost without that support. Thank you.

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