Getting Help With The Business

I have decided to get a bit of help for reusing the blues business side of things, so I’m doing a Business Enterprise Programme. Funded through my local government, North Down Development Organisation at Enterprise House, here in Bangor. So very handy. The aim is to raise awareness and develop my business skills. Concentrate on the importance of customer focus and care. Investigate ways to research the market, setting myself objects, planning and monitoring. While all the while working effectively with others.

I have twenty years of working in Marks and Spencer to help me along with this and we were taught a few business matters at university but here my mentor Emma will guide me on the work that I need to do to produce my product efficiently and effectively.

The first point was to limit what I was making. Designing and making to request isn’t cost productive so I have had to establish what it is I will be making and allow the customer to buy what I have to offer. This has led me to want to remarket my product. I have the ideas in my head now I have to get on with it. The goal is to stay with bags and develop on the design of the few I have already made.

I love the hippie vibe, the peace not war attitude. So this is going to be my marketing strategy. As a believer in sustainability I’m going with the old belief that if did all that you were a tree hugger. So that’s what reusing the blues is going to be known for, tree hugging! Good for the enviroment and good for us because you can’t beat a hug!

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