Ravaras Joseph 2017

This post has no denim related usage but I am using my blog reusing the blues to also show my other passion, which is costume. This may already be obvious from my previous posts.

In July I was asked if I would be costume designer for Ravaras junior production Joseph. I had to think about it as it is a big responsibility for an unpaid job and I work part-time at the weekends.It took me only overnight to make my decision because it was too much of an opportunity not to accept. I was determined that I would use it to improve on my confidence. Not only was I costume designing I was wardrobe managing, which included organising my wardrobe team, buying, fitting, laundry and mending. Probably a lot more, it was a hands on job. And I loved every minute of it.

In the beginning……

I started my research because I had never seen Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I googled it and bought the DVD.

IMG_3047 IMG_3204 2



My team were coming together and I organised a meeting to go over things and what we were looking to do. I not only was planning costume making but we had fittings and putting our heads together were we could source other items.


I loved the way the team were getting stuck in and sampling.





Of course I had to get in there to and try the finished product as well.



Joseph started out as a pair of hareem trousers. Then I continued the design by using a kaftan pattern for the top and waist coat. He was to be pure in character were his brothers had to be urban styled street men. Showing their dark side.





Jacob was a quick change into Mr.Potiphar so Lorna, from our team, made Jacobs long waistcoat and velcored it at the back and sewed all the pieces together.




The cape was the longest project for the shortest time on satge, but gave an incredible effect at the end. Josephs coat was pre bought and just needed fitted to Connor. There is a piece in the musical where the coat is opened and held by the ensemble so I designed the cape to fit around Connors waist that could be spread out and held by the rest of the cast.



The wives into secretaries

IMG_3120 2

One of my favorite designs was the secreataries costumes. They were the wives in the musical and for the Potihars song they were the secretaries. So because they where on one song after another it was a quick costume change. I used their wives costume because they were all in the same white dres, then I got these collars and cuffs made that they could quickly come off and put them on with their glasses to change into character.


The junior cast on stage



White didn”t stay clean.

The experience was great. I loved working with my costume team and the junior cast of Ravara, Joseph 2017. They are a great talent and a joy to watch.


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