May sewing be your way of life?

So I’m of work for two weeks, not going anywhere, and what do I do on my first day off? I sew. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind. I love to sew. It’s about the designing and creating as well that I enjoy, and seeing my finished product. The even more rewarding part is when you show your work on-line to friends and followers and they like it. My higher aim now is to get my work sold, which is happening slowly; or being successful at a job I apply for. I am working on both as my reusing the blues allows me to be creative and keep up with my sewing skills while managing my on-line pages.

So what I have been sewing and developing is my yoga mat bags. I am trying to organise a photo shoot, to get nice professional photos. Hopefully my friend Tom from Tom Thompson Photography will help me with that.

My yoga mat bag has developed like this:


IMG_1636  IMG_1637

My straps and denim were my features to begin with.

More detail was added and a toggle to the string

The larger ones were made with fabric that I dyed. Avaliable at Love. Live Yoga. Bangor.

The latest small ones are made from, again, fabric that I dyed as well as the recycled denim used in them all. This time I made my own pockets and a structured a bottle holder to make it more modern. I still used piping and printed fabric for decorative featuring. And of course the straps are wide, comfortable and tie adjustable just like they have always been.

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