tree hugging

Reusing the blues went down to the woods to visit some trees. I want to rekindle the phrase “tree hugging” to my concept of being sustainable to show my items are earth friendly. I have used Bangor Castle trees and The Walled Garden many times for inspiration of my work. So it is nice, now to bring my recent work back and display it amongst trees that have been around for many years and are beautiful in shape and texture. My yoga mat bags, and other pieces, are remade from denim fabric that I love especially when it has been worn and given character. I save these unwanted jeans going into landfill and give them another life. My goal is to design and create something modern for todays use of recycled denim.


I made myself a large yoga mat bag for my own mat that I use. I have been doing yoga for over a year now but I’m not photo compatible and my moves are far from what you would see some people do on social media. I don’t mind that. I love my yoga for what it does for me and what I can achieve from it and being more mindful. Also we’re a good wee group at

I decided I would make mine an all recycled denim bag. Mine is the complete reusing the blues. Both sections of the main bag are just one piece of leg each, cut out. One is reversed to give a contrast. The bottom is quilted with blue thread. The only colours that the bag has in it are the blue piping around the middle and the orange top, which is quilted also, with red thread. I attached my own pockets, one large flat pocket and one expanded, bottle pocket, with eye-lets and tassel.

If your interesting in purchasing any of my bags you can email me on


I would have loved to have hugged a tree myself but it was only me and my dog, Holmes, and I haven’t taught him to take a photo.

2 thoughts on “tree hugging

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