Home Grown

After yoga today, while walking back to my car, I decided to have a walk around Ward Park. I haven’t visited there in a while and it was a beautiful, sunny day today.

It’s a busy wee park, one I enjoyed when I was a child and then bringing my kids also. In yoga today,


after meditation, Graham mentioned enlightenment. Not a spiritual conquest but simply finding contentment in your day. It’s all part of Mindfulness as well. I call it a brain break. Thinking of a pleasant past or present memory can possibly help with relieving stress. Or having that opportunity to create new good memories.

Further along I came across these big trees, which I have photographed before, and used their striking colours and textures in my work.

These I haven’t edited, these colours are real! They’re shaded which allows the moss to spread.

Then instead of getting in my car and just going home, to have a coffee. I went up to another favorite place of mine, Bangor Walled Garden 


Of course I had to introduce my yoga mat bag to the wall and all the other beautiful features that are homed there.

Still available to buy. Either contact me at rileyarlene@gmail.com or they’re for sale at the Live. Love Yoga studio.


Couldn’t resist planting my yoga mat bag in one of the four, large, empty flower pots. I only had it washed from the Tree Hugging! But it does explain my products are Home Grown. Lovingly, thoughtfully designed and made by me, Arlene Riley.

The garden is coming into Autumn but there are still some beautiful colours around.


I haven’t adjusted the colours on my flower and plant images. All natural. Just beautiful. Of course I got to do what I enjoy, which is editing one of my photos to extreme! I used it as my feature image. It was a lovely morning for my time. After working all week-end in Marks and Spencers it was a lovely start to the week. Then back home for a quick coffee and back to running around. It’s finding the balance.

Maybe tomorrow Holmes, my yoga mat bag, possibly other reusing the blues products and me might visit another favorite place of mine. The sea! Very tranquil. It would be lovely before starting work again. I still got to hug a tree myself.





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