A yoga mat but no yoga

I went to the beach today with my dog Holmes for company, my yoga mat bag on my back but no plan of doing yoga. It was a lovely day and an opportunity to visit another favorite local place.


It’s a nice location for a walk either in amongst the trees or along the coast. I stroll along the sand and stare out towards the horizon to take in the blue sky, vast sea and think of nothing. I may not be doing any yoga but I am using the space for mindfulness. It’s a good space to look out onto, to calm your head. There was a time when I used to come to the sea often for that peace but thankfully I don’t need it as much now. However I do enjoy the space, looking out onto the ocean, gives you. Safely from the land of course.

img_3532.jpg                IMG_3531


Of course the yoga mat was with me to take promotional photos. I’m getting used to setting it up in public places now and photographing it.

to buy

I had my wrist pouches with me as well today to photograph. Also available to purchase.


My dog Holmes wasn’t a very good model, he blinked.

I would maybe one day do yoga outside. If I had a friend with me and I left Holmes at home. I believe it would be lovely to do it in the fresh air.


At the end of the walk, I may not have got in a full tree hug, but I got in a touch. The texture underneath my fingers was rough but nice to feel.

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