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Arlene Riley

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Personal Profile/Career Objective:

I am a professional hardworking, passionate about clothing BA graduate of Textile Art, Design and Fashion. My career objective is to secure a costume/wardrobe related position, which will provide the opportunity for me to demonstrate and grow my practical skills whilst expanding my enthusiasm to create characters.

Skills Profile:

Creativity: I am creative throughout my work, which includes designing, sewing, pattern making, cutting and construction for garments and accessories. Fittings and alterations, colour matching and breakdown. I quilt, machine knit, weave and embroider.

Communication: I am confident in communicating information to and taking directions from the costume designer or supervisor. I will communicate instructions to AD’s, hair and make-up, props or any other department for costume changes or assistance.

Organisation: In a professional capacity I have learnt to be efficient and work to timescales within a production by managing costumes for shows and filming through costume and accessory sourcing, laundry and maintenance, inventory on delivered and returning costumes. I am also meticulous when it comes to continuity.

IT: I am highly proficient in a range of IT systems including CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office applications. I have my own Blog and Facebook page to promote my Reusing The Blues concept.

Career History:

December 2018. Costume making for Beauty and the Beast pantomime, Waterfront Belfast. Made costumes for characters Tick Tock, Laminate, Teapot and Teacup. GBL productions. Costume designer Susan Scott.

November 2018, daily costume trainee on Derry Girls 2, dresser, standby to SA’s and derigging. Hat Trick Productions, costume designer Cathy Prior.

October-November 2018, contracted costume trainee for BBC Comedy Soft Boarder Patrol, The Comedy Unit. Costume prep, fittings, alterations and making, dressing and derigging, standby for SA’s and cast. Buying and wrap. Costume designer Elle Kent.

August 2018, Costume Fitter for NI Opera Rigoletto, costume fittings and alterations, costume mistress Susan Scott.

August 2018, Daily costume trainee Dublin Murders, costume prepping, fittings and alterations, Dublin Murders Productions, costume designer Kathy Strachan.

November 2017 – August 2018, trainee costume daily on Game of Thrones through the night dry team, cleaning and prepping costumes, dressing SA’s, continuity, standby, laundry, costume maintenance, Fire and Blood Productions Ltd, costume designer Michele Clapton.

October 2017, costume daily on Krypton, dressing the SA’s, standby, continuity, costume maintenance, shoebuckle productions, costume designer Bojana Nikitovic.

July – August 2017, costume designer and supervisor for Joseph, Ravara amateur musical theatre, junior production, buying and making costumes for over fifty young children. Also managing volunteers in making, fittings and laundry, director Ross White

December 2016 – January 2017, costume daily on Game Of Thrones through the night dry team, cleaning and prepping costumes, Fire and Blood Productions Ltd, costume designer Michele Clapton.

November 2016, costume assistant on Aladdin pantomime, costume making, sourcing, pattern making, fittings, working on snag lists, money management, GBL productions, costume designer Susan Scott.

September 2016, costume daily on Zoo, dressing the SAs, standby, continuity, costume maintenance and laundry, Zoo productions, costume designer Susan Scott.

August 2016, costume assistant on Bugsy Malone, designer/maker/alterations, Ravara amateur musical theatre, junior production, costumer designer TJ Smith, producer Jaymie McClelland.

June 2016, costume designer, pattern construction, maker, freelance eel costume/ mascot commission for Eimear The River To Lough Festival, Co.Antrim.

May 2016, costume assistant on Smiley, maker/alterations, The Lyric Theatre, Belfast, costume designer/ wardrobe supervisor Enda Kenny.

April 2016, costume assistant on Here Comes The Night , maker/alterations, The Lyric Theatre, Belfast, costume designer/wardrobe supervisor Enda Kenny.

February 2016, costume assistant on The 39 Steps, maker/pattern cutter/fitter/ alterations, Bruiser Theatre Company/The Lyric Theatre production, costume designer Susan Scott, wardrobe supervisor Pat Musgrave, director Lisa May.

December 2015. Volunteering with The Lyric Theatre wardrobe department. Wardrobe assistant Erin Charteris.

November 2015, costume maker with Devil’s Doorway, pattern cutter/maker/ alterations, Thomas Riley Productions Ltd, costume designer Susan Scott.

September 2015, costume assistant trainee on The Journey, maker, buyer, alterations, invoicing, dresser, standby, The Journey Film Productions, costume designer Susan Scott, director/Producer: Nick Hamm.

July – August 2015, costume assistant on Les Miserables (school edition), designer/ maker/buyer, Ravara amateur musical theatre, senior production, producer Jamie McClelland, costume designer Emma Taylor.

July – August 2014, prop maker assistant on Little Shop Of Horrors, Ravara amateur musical theatre, junior production, producer Jamie McClelland, set designer Jaymie Elliott.

November 1995 – December 2017 textile, food customer assistant and coach, Marks & Spencer, Bangor.

Educational History:

2014 – (three week online course), University of Leeds.

Innovation: The Key To Business Success.

2012 – 2015 Graduated from the Ulster University in BA Hons TADF(second) Modules Studied Include:Garment Construction, Knitting, Printing, Textile Art/ Embroidery, Weaving, Marketing and Research, Writing and Research, Cultural Context, CAD.

2011 – 2012 South Eastern Regional College, Bangor. Foundation Diploma in art (merit)

Exhibitions and Personal Work:

2014: created my own brand, called Reusing The Blues, of sustainable accessories and clothing by recycling denim jeans to create new items. My design vision is to use quilting and distortion as a modern feature.

April 2015: shortlisted one of five for The Quilters Guild BA Bursary competition. August 2015: Exhibited own art work. Wonder Woman costume, “The Strength Of Woman-The Naked Truth” at the Festival Of Quilts, NEC, Birmingham.

I hold a full and clean driving license with my own transport.

I am a proficient user of various media programmes and modern communication applications including Facebook, Whatsapp and Pinterest.


available on request


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