New Back Pack

I’ve been designing new bags and decided to try and start of with a simple back pack.

Wide bottom back pack with rolled top.

Simple back pack with fringed bottom.

Using my recycled denim jeans I used the legs for the front and back. I cut of all the sewed seams and used for my fringing and ties. I lined it with lovely yellow heavy cotton curtains, that I bought from a charity shop and sewed on a jean pocket to go inside. The straps are yellow woven straps that I got on amazon.

This is a prototype and I have made a few mistakes and can see what I can improve on.

It looks nice and I love the lining and straps but I forgot to sew my label on inside. I put the hole for the ties on the wrong side of the top and I find that denim doesn’t gather together that well to close up the top of the bag completely.

I made a few adjustments. I sewed in my label. I changed the ties from the denim seams, that were hard to use to close the bag, to a shoe lace with toggle. I also had a bit of a brainwave and added a bit of elastic, that keeps it nicely gathered. The shoe lace just allows it to pull it tighter. It still doesn’t close up completely but I’m going to add a popper to finish it off.

I always trimmed the fringe so it nicer at the edges.

Just a bit of denim finishing to do on the straps and shoe lace.

Love making new things. Sometimes they’re hard to sew but perseverance is important to make happen what you enjoy doing and it’s important to our environment.

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