Protective Face Masks

In this time of isolation and social distancing I’m fortunate I have a great hobby and passion I can do from home. I have no work at the moment but to keep busy and to help others I’m making these face masks. I have given some away for free but as my financial situation changes and I’m getting no Universal Credit for the month of April I am asking for a small cost.

They are reversible and have a wire to shape around your nose. There is a back and front with two layers of fusion inside attached to the front and back. I’ve washed mine already and they come out great. Either hand wash them or a short machine wash at 40 degrees.

I was out walking my dog, keeping socially safe, trying out my new mask. I cant wear my glasses with a mask, they’ve always steamed up when I wear one. But I can breathe through it fine and is comfortable around my face.

I make smaller ones for young people and kids.

I found it takes one wear to get used to wearing it. But I remind myself why I’m wearing it and that it will keep me safe. Some of my friends still have to work looking after people. Keeping safe is essential.

Stay home and be safe everyone.

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